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“Synergy Guitar” is an annual guitar competition founded by Armenian guitar player Khoren Miakyelyan and InMotion Armenia youth NGO.

“The number of young musicians interested in the electric guitar is growing year by year. There are already many young and talented guitarists who, unfortunately, do not have enough platforms to showcase and develop their skills.

In 2021, Synergy M Lab organized a guitar contest in Armenia that was so inspiring and productive that we decided to make SGC an annual event in different countries. The competition was supported by brands such as Fender and D’Addario.

In 2022, the Synergy Guitar Competition became an international sensation, hosted in Georgia, Tbilisi.

Looking ahead to 2024 SGC is set to take place in Poland, Warsaw. This initiative aims to foster connections among young guitar players from Armenia, Georgia, and across Europe.

We think it’s time to liven up the electronic guitar music scene and give young musicians new opportunities to perform and make connections with professional and experienced guitarists.”

"You should try not to be afraid of your voice."

A guitar competition was held in Yerevan

Electronic guitar competition in rock, fusion, blues genres. upon hearing this announcement, young musicians from Yerevan and the regions of Armenia filled out applications for participation, for whom the competition can be a good platform for new connections, acquaintances and introductions.

"Music for Building Bridges"

An international competition for guitarists and an interview with Khoren Mikaelian

“The purpose of the competition is to build bridges between musicians of different countries, to promote them, to share experiences ,” Khoren Mikaelian, a guitarist and music producer from Armenia, who is the author of the event’s idea, tells us.

Khoren talked to us about his experience, the power of music, the goals of the competition, his future plans and the common challenges that unite musicians living in the region.

"After Tbilisi, we will conquer Warsaw."

About the international guitar competition in Georgia

The organizer of the guitar competition Khoren Mikaelyan and the winner of the competition Mikael Bektashyan are visiting Radio Van. Last year the competition was held in Armenia, and this year it will be in Tbilisi.

‘Synergy Guitar’ International Competition Held in Tbilisi


On December 10th, the “Synergy Guitar ” international competition was held in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

The idea of this contest was made in 2021 in Armenia, Yerevan, where guitar player and composer Khoren Mikayelyan decided to gather all guitar enthusiasts around a guitar contest where young performers could show their skills on one stage.

"Synergy Guitar" Armenian-Georgian award ceremony.

"Musical Triangle"

The best electric guitarists of Armenia presented their interpretations, the art of well-known works, improvisation and individual works under the conditions of a free competition.

One year later, in 2022, the “Synergy Guitar” award ceremony, moving to Tbilisi, united guitarists from both countries at the international level.

Give the guitarization of the whole country!!!

Today Radio Van is hosted by the organizer of the competition for young guitarists Khoren Melikyan.

“In my opinion, this is the first guitar competition in Armenia,” says our guest. – We have already passed two online rounds, and on Friday there will already be a final. Of the 16 people who applied, eight passed.


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